The Defender’s Dilemma - Book Launch

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Book presentation by Elisabeth Braw, Senior Fellow, AEI; Associate Fellow, RUSI

Aggression in the ‘grey zone’ between war and peace is growing: while states try to stem cyber intrusions and disinformation, hostile countries are successfully engaging in other forms of greyzone aggression. Subversive economics – the concerted undermining of the globalised economy – is increasing, as are diplomatic coercion, subversion of civil society and other practices that exploit liberal democracies’ openness. Yet there are ways in which liberal democracies can defend themselves against this aggression without violating their ethical standards.

In her new book The Defender’s Dilemma (AEI Press, October 2021), Elisabeth Braw analyses the range of greyzone aggression currently directed against the West and outlines strategies for deterring it.

This event marks the London launch of The Defender’s Dilemma.

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Please note we have 40 places available for RUSI Members to attend the event in-person, the venue is 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH. If you would like to apply for an in-person ticket please email Sabrina Downey, Events Director at Your place is not confirmed until you receive a reply to your message.

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