Book Launch: Gender Mainstreaming in Counterterrorism Policy

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A new book by Dr Jessica White analyses policy and programming challenges for gender mainstreaming in counterterrorism, with comparative examples of countering violent extremism programming – including RUSI-implemented programming (STRIVE and STRIVE II).

Interest in the issue of gender mainstreaming in security policy and programming has grown over the past several years. There is increasing pressure with international agendas and national action plans to ensure that commitments to the empowerment of women and the inclusion of a gender lens are carried through to the design and implementation of counterterrorism efforts. Greater understanding is needed of the impact of normative gender expectations on how and why individuals engage in terrorism, and how gender inequality can be a driver of violent extremism, to increase the effectiveness of programming.

Gender Mainstreaming in Counter-Terrorism Policy: Building Transformative Strategies to Counter Violent Extremism, published in November in Routledge’s Gender and Security Series, provides an in-depth investigation of how gender can be effectively understood and included in the security process. It adds a timely and effective contribution to the academic conversations around gender in security and how counterterrorism programming can be implemented with human security goals. Additionally, it offers recommendations for policymakers and practitioners seeking to improve the effectiveness of countering violent extremism programme design, implementation and evaluation.


The participants in the discussion are:

Dr Jessica White, Senior Research Fellow, Terrorism and Conflict.

Naureen Chowdhury Fink, Executive Director of the Soufan Center and formerly the Senior Policy Adviser on Counterterrorism and Sanctions at the UK’s Mission to the United Nations

Dr Katherine Brown, Reader in Religion and Global Security, University of Birmingham

Chaired by: Emily Winterbotham, Director, Terrorism and Conflict.

Book launch

  • Gender Mainstreaming in Counter-Terrorism Policy (Routledge November 2022)

    In this book Dr Jessica White analyses policy and programming challenges for gender mainstreaming in counter-terrorism, with examples from comparative case studies of countering violent extremism programming.

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