Nuclear Deterrence and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Global Lessons

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Join us for a discussion with two leading experts, who will explore the lessons from Russia’s use of nuclear threats in its war against Ukraine.

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The shadow of nuclear weapons hangs over Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian officials have made explicit and implicit references to nuclear weapons in an apparent attempt to intimidate Ukraine and its Western supporters. Russia’s war, moreover, is a further violation of the Budapest Memorandum – the agreement under which Ukraine gave up the nuclear weapons on its territory when the Soviet Union collapsed, returning them to Russia.

In this wide-ranging discussion, the panellists will reflect on the role that nuclear weapons have played in Russia’s war, exploring the implications for Ukraine, the NATO–Russia relationship and potential nuclear proliferation choices in East Asia.


  • Dr Mariana Budjeryn, Senior Research Associate, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Seukhoon Paul Choi, Principal at the StratWays Group consultancy

 The webinar will be moderated by Dr Matthew Harries, Director, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Programme, RUSI.

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