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Whitehall Dialogue - Afghanistan: Security Assessment, Strategic Challenges

14 December 2006, 15:00
Presentation by Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry, Commanding General, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan.

Presentation by Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry, Commanding General, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan.


The military campaign in Afghanistan is in a critical phase, with significant progress made but substantial and complex challenges ahead. Too often the view of Afghanistan is a series of snapshots, without connecting context. To appreciate the progress of the last four years and realistically appraise the difficulties ahead requires seeing events as part of a bigger picture.  As NATO faces its greatest challenge, transition is the watchword of the effort - from US to NATO lead, from international to Afghan capability, from a military to a non-military centre of gravity.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry will present his assessment of security in Afghanistan: detailing successes, examining challenges and analysing the geo-strategic factors central to achieving ultimate success in the Afghanistan campaign.

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Refreshments will be served from 1430.

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