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Strategic Command Conference: Sharpening the UK Defence’s Edge in the 2020s

21 April 2021, 9:00
Held against the backdrop of the substantial financial settlement for Defence but also a deteriorating security situation and the broader impact of the pandemic, the UK Strategic Command Conference will be the first major gathering of its kind in the wake of the anticipated release of the Integrated Review.

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We are running this conference as a hybrid event, offering 24 places for people to attend the conference in-person on a first come, first served basis. We are also enabling people to attend this conference online. To book tickets, please select whether you want to attend online or in person.

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Event overview

A key theme of the Review is the need to enhance integration, which the Integrated Operating Concept (IOpC) 2025 published last year describes as being across government, with the military, as well as with allies and partners.  This integrative task is the critical role given to the UK Strategic Command, and the conference will provide the early opportunity to consider what that means for the different parts of the UK’s armed forces.

The Conference will also consider how the UK will approach the integration challenges and opportunities of persistent campaigning at home and overseas, and both above and below the threshold for fighting.  It will analyse how multi-domain integration might be achieved within a military instrument that assumes it will routinely be more active in the homeland as well as abroad in what the IOpC calls the ‘Operate’ environment, rather than its traditional focus on pure ‘Warfighting’.  It will also reflect on the implications of a move towards ‘information warfare’ as Defence seeks to transform itself through investment in ‘sunrise capabilities’ at the expense of those now described as ‘sunset’.


Event Manager

Emilia Markert
Events Manager
+44 (0) 20 7747 2648

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