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Designing an Innovation System for UK Defence

23 January 2018, 17:30
RUSI Whitehall
Invite Only
This event will discuss how to implement an Enterprise-wide innovation system for UK Defence, structured around a recent Niteworks White Paper that describes the advantages of adopting a systemic approach to Defence Innovation to mitigate the acknowledged barriers to innovation in the current approach.

This event will enable discussion between the Ministry of Defence and industry on innovation across the UK Defence Enterprise. The catalyst and context for the White Paper is the widespread view within Defence that innovation is essential to accelerating the provision of operational capability, to exploiting rapidly evolving digital technologies and to addressing the use of disruptive approaches by state and non-state actors in the development of their own military capabilities.

The authors will explain the multi-faceted nature of innovation and make the case for the introducing an Enterprise-wide Innovation System to underpin the delivery of the nation’s Defence innovation goals. The key features of such a system will be described and a framework will be proposed for transitioning the existing innovation landscape towards the Enterprise-wide System that the authors term the Defence Innovation System.


Simon Jewell, Managing Director, Niteworks

Professor Michael Wilkinson, Technical Director, Niteworks

Professor John Louth, Director, Defence, Industry and Society Programme, RUSI

Niteworks White Paper - Defence Innovation
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