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New Video Launched: The New Defence Enterprise

News, 5 May 2016
Defence Spending, Defence, Industries and Society, Defence Management, Defence Policy, UK, UK Defence
In this short video RUSI explores the increasingly significant role of the commercial sector in modern British defence capabilities. RUSI talks to a number of experts on how private industry is nurturing skills and competencies in the spaces beyond government, and examines the challenges of such an active and complex public-private partnership.

Commentators include:

  • Bob Keen, Head of Government Relations, BAE
  • Sir Brian Burridge, Senior Vice President, UK Corporate, Finmeccanica and former Air Chief Marshal and Commander of Operation Telic in Iraq, 2002-2003
  • Sir Peter Luff, Retired Minister, Ministry of Defence
  • Elizabeth Quintana, Director of Military Services RUSI
  • Professor John Louth, Director, Defence, Industries and Society Programme, RUSI
  • Professor Trevor Taylor, Professional Fellow in Defence Management, RUSI

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