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UK PONI Conference 2011: The Last and Next 60 Years of the UK’s Nuclear Deterrent

29 June 2011, 0:00

The issues surrounding nuclear weapons are both complex and multifaceted, requiring a broad base of knowledge from technical intricacies to problems of international security. However there are few forums that allow the transfer of vital experience and information from the current specialists to the next generation of nuclear experts in the military, academic, industry and policy communities. This deficit of contact between generations also deprives current leaders of the new thinking and fresh ideas from new people who question the received wisdom.

The inaugural UK PONI Conference considered the lessons learned from 60 years of the UK’s ownership of nuclear weapons, and assessed changes and developments that could occur in the nuclear landscape over the coming years.  As well as drawing upon the knowledge of well-established subject experts, UK PONI seeks to provide a platform for individuals who are at an early stage in their career, from academia, the military, industry and policy making communities.

UK PONI is hosted by RUSI and enjoys the support of the UK Government, industry and academia.


Franklin C Miller KBE served thirty-one years in the US government, during the majority of which he was a senior policy official in the Department of Defense. He was involved in the March 1982 sale of the Trident II missile to the UK and, from that time until his retirement in March 2005, was responsible in the US government for all significant US-UK interaction on nuclear weapons policy and issues. He was awarded an honorary KBE in December 2006.

Dr Nick Ritchie is a Research Fellow at the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford. His work on British nuclear weapons policy is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Economic and Social Research Council. His latest publications are 'Relinquishing Nuclear Weapons: Identities, Networks and the British Bomb' (International Affairs, March 2010) and 'Rethinking Security: A Critical Analysis of the Strategic Defence and Security Review', (International Affairs, March 2011). He previously worked for the Oxford Research Group on nuclear disarmament, proliferation and arms control issues.

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