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Missile Defence Conference 2018

30 May 2018, 9:00 to 31 May 2018, 16:00
RUSI Whitehall
A major highlight in the missile defence calendar, the RUSI Missile Defence Conference will contribute to the evolution of policy with a stimulating discussion of missile defence issues between senior policymakers and practitioners. It is an element of the Institute’s Martial Power Programme.

The 18th annual Conference in this series is very timely, with Missile Defence coming to the forefront of policymakers minds. The conference will address the North Korean nuclear threat and how it will have evolved and East Asian missile defence issues more widely. The ballistic missile and nuclear threat in the Middle East will also be considered in light of the United States’ withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the proliferation of ballistic missiles in the Yemen and Syrian conflicts will also be themes for discussion.

It will consider: the United States’ policy under the present Administration and the outcome of the Ballistic Missile Defense Review and Nuclear Posture Review;  the evolution of the European Phased Adaptive Approach  (EPAA); the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (NIAMD); challenges imposed by Russian behaviour; developments in the Middle East; progress in the development of British missile defence capabilities after the United Kingdom’s 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) and the recently published National Security Capability Review.

Multinational cooperation and most importantly coordination and integration of capabilities will be a capstone theme in particular integration of air and missile defence capabilities.

The eighteenth RUSI Missile Defence Conference is well placed to make a unique contribution to discussions on policy and capability requirements, and will explore the following themes:

  • Implications of the United States Ballistic Missile Defense Review for Trans-Atlantic Security
  • Missile and Air Defence in Europe – NATO and National Perspectives and Threats
  • The United Kingdom’s Ballistic Missile Defence Policy and Capability Options
  • The Relationship between Strategic Stability, Ballistic Missile Defence and Nuclear Deterrence
  • Industry Perspectives, Systems and Technology
  • Threats, Missile Proliferation and BMD Developments in the Middle East
  • Threats, Missile Proliferation and BMD Developments in East Asia

Speakers Include

  • Brad Clark, Director of Nuclear Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, USA
  • Maxim Sizov, First Secretary, Russian Embassy to the UK
  • Frank Rose, Senior Fellow, Security & Strategy, Foreign Policy Program, The Brookings Institution
  • Dr Jeremy Stocker, Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute
  • Dr Heather Williams, Centre for Science and Security Studies, King's College London
  • Andrea Berger, Associate Fellow, RUSI, Senior Research Associate and Senior Program Manager, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
  • Uzi Rubin, Director, Rubincon Consulting Ltd
  • Thomas Karako, Senior Fellow International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Professor Dr Julian Lindley-French, Vice President, Atlantic Treaty Association
  • Rear Admiral Dr Christopher Parry, RUSI Associate Fellow

Ticket Prices (inc VAT)

  • Standard- £1008.00
  • Corporate Member - £818.40
  • SME - £358.80
  • Government/ Military - £238.80
  • Academic - £108.00

It is expected that insights from the Conference will be published and some preliminary papers will be circulated.

If your organisation is interested in contributing to this Conference, please contact Sidharth Kaushal, Research Analyst, Sea Power at 

There will be a limited number of complimentary tickets for students who will help with the conference. Please email for details.

Event Manager: 
Allana Howard
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