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Creating Effect from the Joint Sea Base: The RUSI Maritime Warfare Conference 2005

13 December 2005, 0:00 to 15 December 2005, 0:00

By definition for a maritime nation, maritime power is a central tenet of the expeditionary strategy. This maritime contribution can apply across the spectrum of operations – from naval diplomacy, to high intensity combat, to co-ordinating humanitarian operations – and is founded upon the ability to deliver effect through manoeuvre from the joint sea base.

With emphasis upon the contribution of the three Armed Services to joint operations via the maritime environment, the RUSI Future Maritime Warfare Conference 2005 will look at the role of maritime forces in defence policy, and at how maritime power can deliver and facilitate manoeuvre and effect – and in particular – flexibility in approach and volume in firepower - from the joint sea base to enable maritime forces to support, shape and engage in the wider battlespace.

The conference, supported by the Royal Navy ( ), will look at how joint forces are creating effect from the joint sea base.

Confirmed senior military and government speakers include:

  • Admiral Sir Alan West (First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, MoD UK)
  • Admiral Sir Jonathon Band (Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Royal Navy)
  • Vice Admiral John G. Morgan USN (DCNO Information, Plans & Strategy N3/N5, United States Navy)
  • Lieutenant General Sir Rob Fry Royal Marines (Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Commitments, MoD UK)
  • Rear Admiral Tim Laurence (Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff Resources & Plans, MoD UK)
  • Rear Admiral Trevor Soar (Capability Manager Precision Attack, MoD UK)
  • Rear Admiral Chris Parry (Director General, Joint Concepts & Doctrine, MoD UK)
  • Rear Admiral Alan Massey (Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff, Royal Navy)
  • Rear Admiral Archer M. Macy United States Navy (PEO Navsea 6, United States Navy)
  • Major General Robert Baxter (Director General Development & Doctrine, British Army)
  • Commodore George Zambellas Royal Navy (Commander UK Amphibious Task Group, Royal Navy)
  • Commodore Luke van Beek Royal Navy (Director Equipment Capability Above Water Effect, MoD UK)
  • Commodore Mark Anderson (Director Equipment Capability Under Water Effect, MoD UK)

Speaking and Sponsorship opportunities are available: to discuss options, please contact Dr Lee Willett (Head of Military Capabilities Programme, Military Sciences Department, RUSI) on +44 (0) 20 7747 2611 or

A full programme will be available in September.

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