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Analysts at the Royal United Services Institute look ahead at the issues affecting defence and security in 2015.

2014/15: The End of the Cold War Period - Dr Jonathan Eyal

Decreasing Defence Resources and Increasing Commitments - Elizabeth Quintana


The Terrorist Threat to the UK in 2015 - Clare Ellis

ISIS and the Middle East - Michael Stephens

Prospects for Russia - Sarah Lain

Counter-terrorism and Surveillance in the UK - Calum Jeffray

Developments in Asia Pacific - Edward Schwarck

A Year of Defence Anniversaries and Tough Challenges - Peter Roberts

The Challenge of Organised Crime - Dr Sasha Jesperson

The European Defence Market - Henrik Heidenkamp

The Impact of the UK Election on Defence Procurement - Prof John Louth

India Acting East and West - Shashank Joshi

China Re-Connects to the Interior in 2015 - Raffaello Pantucci

Nuclear Developments in 2015 - Timothy Stafford


Strategic Developments in 2015 - Justin Bronk


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