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Air Power Conference 2016: Conference Concept

The conference will explore ‘Innovation and Inspiration’ through the following themes:

Technology: This session will consider the relationship between technology and air power inspiration and innovation. Three senior airmen, drawn from across the globe, will each provide a contemporary perspective.  These views will be bracketed by those of a technologist considering the role of technology in fostering inspiration and innovation, and a futurologist offering insight as to where technology is now taking us in this regard.

 ‘Fighting systems’: A ‘fighting system’ harnesses technology, people and the organisation to deliver a decisive military output.  This session will consider whether it is the ‘fighting systems’ that is the key inspirational factor for air power practitioners and that compels airmen to innovate from within or whether the current thinking behind agile organisations, which effectively advocates mission command and decentralised control i.e. innovation at the edge, should be the future of warfare. 

Leadership: Leadership and its contribution to inspiration and innovation is the theme of session three.  Effective leadership of any organisation is important but what exactly is its role in spurring innovation in an air power context? 

Organisational culture: This session seeks to address the question of what constitutes an appropriate organizational culture that both inspires people to perform and encourages them to innovate.