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2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review

News, 23 November 2015
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Following the publication of the UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), RUSI experts will be offering comprehensive analysis of the SDSR and what it means for UK defence and security

EVENT: Reviewing the Review: Understanding the Implications of SDSR 2015
RUSI hosted a special briefing to examine the implications of the Strategic Defence and Security Review. 

VIDEO: Watch Professor Michael Clarke offer initial assessment here >


Steady As She Goes: The Outcome of the 2015 SDSR

The latest Strategic Defence and Security Review can be best described as being a ‘steady as she goes’ review, providing a welcome element of stability in defence planning after five years of substantial reductions.

External Defence and Domestic Security

In the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the government has attempted to deal with the challenge of preparing to deploy more conventional forces in a traditional war-fighting manner, as well as being seen to meet a growing and long-term terrorist threat.

Endorsements, not Investments: The British Army in the 2015 SDSR

The SDSR has rubber stamped the army's direction of travel, but it must now refine the details of its route there – and be sure to take its people with it along the way.

Neglecting Platforms and People: The Impact of the SDSR on the Royal Navy

Despite some positive news, the Strategic Defence and Security Review does not prioritise much-needed investments in the Royal Navy.

A Step in the Right Direction: The RAF and the SDSR

The RAF is set to acquire new platforms as it is called upon to deliver a variety of missions in complex situations.

The Joint Forces Command and the 2015 SDSR: Too Soon to Tell?

While there are some welcome investments announced in cyber-capabilities by the SDSR, the devil may be in the details that are yet to be announced.

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