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Houses of Parliament

General Election 2017

As the campaign for the UK general election on 8 June gains momentum, RUSI aims to lead the field in providing non-partisan expert analysis of the main defence and security issues. 


Still International by Design? Towards a Post-Brexit SDSR


Pledges Softly Made in the Foreign Affairs and Defence Sections of the Manifestos

Bad Times for Hard Facts on Defence Spending

The Unwelcome Impact on the Work of Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee

Britain's General Elections and Brexit: First Salvoes or Just Firing Blanks?

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The UK General Election Annoucement - Initial Reaction

From the 2015 General Election

Post 2015 Election Analysis

Party Political Views


Conservatives | Labour | Liberal Democrats

Debate: With Forces TV 


UK General Election: Defence Perspectives
Conservative Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg outline their proposals for defence.

The 2015 UK Election: A False Sense of Security